Wheelable folding commode wheelchair hire

The WheelAble wheelchair is a revolutionary product that allows the disabled to deal with what are considered to be ordinary daily situations on their own. Plastic folding wheelchair to give easier access to wet rooms (showers, toilets), it is also easy to transport because of its reduced weight (less than 12 kg).


You don’t have to check if there are disabled showers or toilets when you travel any more! The WheelAble folding commode wheelchair adapts to standard showers and toilets, and because of its reduced size, you can take it everywhere.

Professionals :

Is your establishment still waiting to have disabled toilets installed? Do you need to make them accessible for an event?


Capacity : 130 kg
Width : 48 cm
Supplied with a disinfection kit

Mobility scooter, wheelchair rentals for trade shows and events in France