Mobility equipment hire for persons with disabilities

Manual wheelchair hire for the handicapped and disabled

Lightweight and practical, the AXSOL LOCATION Standard and XL manual wheelchairs are easy to fold so that you can take them when travelling by car.

Electric wheelchair hire for the handicapped and disabled

The SOROLLA AXSOL LOCATION foldable powered wheelchairs are comfortable and lightweight. They are therefore practical to transport when travelling.

Hire electric scooter for disabled in Paris - France

Intended for the disabled or for people who have difficulties walking long distances, these 3-wheel and 4-wheel ECVs (Electric Conveyance Vehicles) are very stable and their ease of handling makes them suitable for all surfaces (paved street, dirt track, etc.).
Furthermore, their small width allows them to pass through the narrowest doors in hotels or other establishments you need to visit. Elegant and simple to use, the Standard,HD, Revo and Quest electric scooters are very comfortable and make it possible to move around town centres to visit the most remarkable sites and shop effortlessly.

Wheelchair matting hire

Suitable for all types of outdoor surface (path, garden, beach, etc.). The AXSOL LOCATION all purpose matting can be used to create non-slip paths for wheelchairs.
The matting is lightweight and easy to handle and installs in a few minutes using anchors.