Electric mobility scooter hire

Intended for people who have difficulties walking long distances, these 4-wheel electric scooters are very stable and their ease of handling makes them suitable for all surfaces (paved street, dirt track, etc.). Furthermore, their small width allows them to pass through the narrowest doors in hotels or other establishments you need to visit.


Elegant and simple to use, the Standard and HD electric scooters are very comfortable and make it possible to move around town centres to visit the most remarkable sites and shop effortlessly.

Professionals :

These practical scooters make it possible for the disabled to cover long distances during your events.

Electric mobility scooter hire for the handicapped and disabled

Standard electric scooter

Width : 49 cm
Capacity : 118 kg

Autonomy : 12 km

Hire your hd electric scooter - Very wide seat and high load capacity 158 kg

HD electric scooter

Width : 56,5 cm
Capacity : 158 kg
Autonomy : 33 km

Hire a folding scooter Gogo MG in Paris France

« Ready for transport, lightweight and easily folded, the 4-wheel GoGo MG Folding Scooter is perfect for the active lifestyle. It is super portable and is a great space saver that adjusts to fit perfectly inside any closet, corner, or vehicle trunk, train luggage room… »

Folding Scooter GoGo MG

Width : 42,9 cm
Capacity : 125 kg
Autonomy : 10 km

Rent / hire electric scooter REVO in Paris France

REVO Electric Scooter

Width : 52 cm
Capacity : 170 kg
Autonomy : 20 km

For complete access, AXSOL LOCATION has imagined combining your wheelchair with a travel ramp you can use to move on and off pavements or to enter shops that have no access.

Rent electric mobility scooter for disabled and handicapped for your vacation in France


I just wanted to express how please I was with the mobility scooter.

The scooter performance far exceeded my expectation. The distance the battery allowed me to travel enable me to tour Paris worry free and gave me a such a high sense of security.

Although I have been to Paris before having the scooter made the whole experience life changing.

Thank you again for changing the time of pick up to 1:30.

Thank you and axsol for everything, I will be sure to contact Axsol on my next trip to Paris.

Rosemary M. ERIAL, USA HD electric scooter 23 May 2024

I thought your service was brilliant. The scooter was absolutely perfect and it helped so much for my mum who was very worried about how she was going to travel around. Also, it was great how it was dropped off and picked up and we didn’t have to worry about anything.

Nicola M. Malone, UK Standard electric scooter 8 June 2023

Thank you very much, my trip was fantastic! However sadly there are still places that are inaccessible in Paris including high curbs on the streets and basement washroom facilities in many restaurants, but I did manage to see loads and I could not have done that without your available service.

I am planning to come back with my daughter at some point and will definitely use you again.


Steph B. Devon, UK HD scooter 7 June 2023

I am very happy with the service and equipment you provided and will absolutely leave a review and recommend you to others. In fact, whilst in Disneyland a few people asked me about the mobility scooter, and I highly recommended you.

Helen G. Leeds, UK Scooter HD 26 April 2023

The equipment was in excellent condition. The service of delivery and pick up was fabulous. Every time I communicated with the office, they were patient and efficient. I really appreciate Victoria as she had to change the order so many times because we had to shift the trip so many times because of the pandemic. This location is just AMAZING in all aspects.

Rona B. Burlingame, USA Quest Electric Scooter rental 30 November 2021

Thank You.  Everything went exactly as arranged, scooter available on arrival, exactly as ordered, never had any problems, good little workhorse. Plus the speedy return of Deposit paid
Will happily use and recommend your services in the future.

Denise R. Egremont Cumbria, UK Electric scooter HD 19 September 2021

Very helpful, great service, all my questions answered straight away and scooter was just right for my needs.

Donna R. North Yorshire, UK Electric mobility scooter hire 15 November 2019

Great communication and excellent provided service. Top notch, will definitely use them again if ever needed with eyes closed.

Luis C. Arbre, Belgium Electric mobility scooter hire 26 August 2019

Thank you for your help. The Scooter was very reliable , good mileage before charging needed & very comfortable.

Lynette P. Cardiff, UK Electric mobility scooter hire 22 August 2019

Customer service very helpful and scooter delivered on time.

Maureen R. Swadlincote, UK Electric mobility scooter hire 19 August 2019

Great product, great service.

Jerry M. Washington, USA Electric mobility scooter hire 26 July 2019

I want to say how a happy expierence i had with your company. The pride was waiting for me at my hotel and was an excellent help for me for the two days i used it. I have passed all your details to the coach captain and he can use your company in the future, again thank you very much.

Stephen C. Dailly, UK Electric mobility scooter hire 9 April 2019


Thank you very much for the hire of the mobility scooter, it was great and it made my holiday amazing so much easier.

I would certainly be happy to use your compagny again.

Many Thanks for everything

Eileen P. Scarborough, UK Electric mobility scooter hire 7 November 2018

It’s very good company , I rented scooter with this firm while traveling in Paris, will be happy to work together as a tour agent

Damir M. Jerusalem, Israel Electric mobility scooter hire 6 April 2018

I just want to say a Big Thank You for your help with the hire of a mobility scooter.

We had a fantastic time at Disneyland Paris and my husband couldn’t have done it without the hire of the scooter.

We were thrilled to find the scooter waiting for us on our arrival at the hotel. Your help, swiftness of email reply and smooth transition was greatly appreciated.

We won’t hesitate to use your service/company again in the future.

Thank you.


Emma and Ryan A. Leicester, UK Electric mobility scooter hire 5 April 2018

Thank you for this. I am so glad we found your company! We were very impressed with the level of service that you provided. We would be very happy to recommend Axsol for use at Disneyland.

Thank you again

Richard S. Kent, UK Electric mobility scooter hire 28 March 2018

Would just like to say I would 110% recommend this company and will definatley be telling my friends and family to use them and we will definatley be using them again.

From the first email to receiving the scooter, picking up the scooter and final email the customer service was second to none, very friendly and helpful via email, and the same in person when receiving the scooter.

This company made my mothers holiday possible and extremely enjoyable, and without it, it wouldn’t have been possible.

Many Many Thanks

Angela R. Letterkenny - Irland Electric mobility scooter hire 26 February 2018

Hi all,
I took my elderly mom to Paris for a week, we had contracted with another agency for a wheelchair/scooter for my mother to use while in Paris. Well, on the day of our arrival I called to make sure the chair was on its way but low and behold the fellow cancelled the order and could do nothing for us. I called Axsol and spoke to the lovely Lorene Bach in the Paris office and within a few hours we had a chair and we were able to start our holiday. Axsol SAVED our holiday!! Thank you!

Karen M. Harrogate - UK POWERED WHEELCHAIR HIRE 9 October 2017

You’re great! I was happy to use your mobility scooter, you are the easiest company to work with.

Maryna S. Kropyvnytskyi, UKRAINE Electric mobility scooter hire 22 August 2017

« I am a patient from the United States with double below knee prostheses who can walk short distances. I sent inquiries to five electric scooter rental companies in Paris for my two-week vacation stay. Only one company, Axsol, replied to my email within one day and they did so within 2 hours. One company responded in 24 hours and the others took days to weeks to respond. The rental price for two weeks was very competitive with Axsol. I surmised the rapid response would a good sign what might happen if the scooter developed a problem. I thus engaged Axsol. The scooter was delivered within the time frame promised to Neuilly-sur-seine.

The Go-go scooter manual cites a range of 12 km. However, on the first day the scooter’s battery gave out after 2 km. I called on a Saturday evening, and Axsol brought out a replacement scooter at 9:00 AM Sunday morning. One cannot expect there never to be any mechanical problems with a rental. What is important is the effort to fix any problem; Axsol passes with flying colors.

The replacement scooter had a range that seem to exceed the promised 12 km. We took a taxi to Disneyland Paris and drove the scooter around all day; we then took the railroad back to Paris and thence 400 meters to our apartment with plenty of battery to spare.

I thus had a great experience with Axsol and their scooter rental. I would give 5 out of 5 stars for my experience. »

Ted B. Oklahoma, USA Electric mobility scooter hire 30 March 2017

« Hi, good afternoon Lara first of all thank you and your company the attention received at all times, it was a total success to rent the electric scooter to be able to move these days for Disneyland Paris, the small problem that I had with the battery charger solved it In a few hours, I hope that on my part all this perfect, delivered as you indicated the scooter in perfect conditions as you advised, I repeat thanks again for your professionalism, without doubt, I advise your company to whom I ask. »

Dolores C. Barcelona - Spain Electric mobility scooter hire 24 March 2017

« thank you for helping me enjoy my time in Paris at Disney Angela ».

Angela N. Bradford -UK Electric mobility scooter hire 10 October 2016

« The scooter is perfect. Your service has been great. »

Lynne M. Scotland – UK Electric mobility scooter hire 11 August 2016