Crossing equipment rentals for the disabled

Travel access ramp hire for the disabled and handicapped

Lightweight (3kg) and practical, the fibreglass travel ramp is there to help deal with the hazards of urban accessibility.

Combined with a manual wheelchair, an electric scooter or an electric wheelchair, it allows to deal with a step or a pavement when moving around the town centre.

You can put it in its bag and attach it behind your seat whenever you travel.

Modular aluminium ramp hire for the disabled and the handicapped

This lightweight ramp can be set up in a few seconds to provide a permanent passage for the duration of the visitor’s presence in the accommodation.

The ramp length is adapted depending on the height to cross that is given.

The handling and storage space required are easy as the ramp rolls up on itself when not in use.

Electric stair climber hire for the disabled and the handicapped - Solution for the public and professionals

They adapt to all situations: indoor or outdoor access, straight, curved or winding stairs or uneven step heights.

The different models, with built-in seats or for fitting onto any manual wheelchair, make it possible to easily go up and down steps.

In all cases, handling by a third party trained by us is needed.

Elevator platform hire for the disabled and the handicapped - Professional solution

Ideal for access to stages and podiums, the AXSOL LOCATION platforms allow vertical movement of up to 140 cm. These highly mobile vertical lift can be installed in a few minutes, a power socket is all that is needed.

Depending on the models, the platforms can be exited from the front or the side.