Vertical lift rental

Professionals :

You need to allow temporary access to a stage? Are access ramps too long or too sloping and powered stairclimbers unsuitable? A vertical lift platform is the solution!

Vertical elevator platform for the handicapped and disabled, Hermès model, available for hire.

Hermes vertical lift

Lifting height: 83 cm
Dimensions: 1505 x 890 mm
Capacity: 300 kg
Weight: 71.5 kg
Front or side access possible

Vertical elevator platform hire for the disabled and the handicapped, Hélios model

Helios vertical lift

Lifting height: 100 cm
Dimensions: 1900 x 800 mm
Capacity: 250 kg
Weight: 140 kg

Vertical elevator platform hire for the disabled , Orion model

Orion 120 – Orion 140 vertical lift

Lifting height: 120 / 140 cm
Dimensions (L x w x h):
– 145x100x170 (120 model)
– 145x100x190 (140 cm model)
Capacity: 225 kg
Weight: 155 kg / 170 kg
We can deliver and install for you